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Law Office

Baranowski Law Office provides legal services to both enterprises and individuals. Our offer is aimed at clients who need a competent, trusted partner to handle their legal affairs and interests.


Our competence comes from our knowledge and experience in practice, including business and civil law, administrative, public procurement, labour law and litigation. We are ready to provide professional legal services in other related areas of law, if necessary.


This readiness is due to our skills of proper selection of experienced and committed associates. It shows what in our work we consider crucial: with each client we create a relationship based on trust and surety, and we always remain sensitive to his needs, as we take into consideration his way of functioning in as many aspects as possible, without neglecting the objective view on a particular legal situation. Confidence is also key to increasing efficiency and customer development.


We offer legal solutions as effective tools to build relationships and to achieve important values for our clients. Thus we provide instruments of shaping space and freedom of functioning in an increasingly competitive environment.


We assist our clients in legal matters so as to protect them from any litigation or legal dispute through the use of preventive solutions, enabling the rational risk management within their businesses and allowing freedom of choice and activity. If there is a risk we offer our clients knowledge, experience and commitment. We find and present solutions tailored to the needs of most customers. We do not forget about the particular conditions of interpersonal, organizational and financial resources of each client. We ensure the comfort of rapid and efficient response in each case.


Our distinguishing features include: confidence, competence, commitment and enthusiasm.


 We are ready to cooperate and carry out all legal matters of our clients, providing a rapid response to emerging legal uncertainties and competent assistance in the proceedings before the courts and offices, as well as in relations with contractors.